Russian MP called Mat cause of mutations in the human body


www.vsyako.netMichael Bartashevitch:

Deputy Council toguchinsky district of Novosibirsk region Mikhail Bartashevich offered to organize the lessons of morality and spirituality in all educational institutions of the district, to wean the youth from the Mat, which, in his opinion, causes a mutation in the human body and leads to the degeneration of the nation, writes, “”.

During his speech at the meeting in the regional government on Thursday, may 16, Bardashevich announced that the Mat is “a dark cloud, the energy that destroy the minds in the houses.” He noted that for lessons of morality, they printed a special brochure, which describes the “experiments of the research Institute at the Ministry of health.”

According to him, it is stated that swear words are bad for the growth of wheat and potency, and the human body “chromosomes change their structure”, and included “program to self-destruct”. Also it says that the human embryo can hear swear words and “writhes in agony” as “unable to protect themselves from harmful energy.”

“Mat the worst effect on women who abuse abusive words. Women’s faces stiffen, take the rat’s way, lips distorted, the eyes and face become angry. The Mat is changing the genetics of humans, distorting its hereditary program causing mutations monstrous power, leading to the degeneration of the nation,” reads the leaflet.

His idea to spread the lessons of morality to other districts in the region supported the Governor’s “Council of dads”.

Michael Bardashevich — a retired Colonel, is included in the faction “United Russia” and heads the toguchinskiy district Council Commission for social policy, health, education, culture, sports and youth policy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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