Russian teacher fired after reading “the Call of Cthulhu” out loud in the lesson


www.vsyako.netNicholas Latincat: NTV

In one of schools of Chelyabinsk region teacher of literature Nicholas Letin was fired after he read an excerpt from the book an American classic of horror HP Lovecraft. On it informs TV channel NTV.

It is clarified that the students were videotaped as the teacher on the lesson was read aloud to the fragment devoted to the God Cthulhu. In this part of the book the characters summoned a sea monster with a curse that sounded Letin. The video titled “the Teacher calls Satan” placed in a network, became an occasion to public Prosecutor’s check.

In the result, it was found that Letin has also made controversial publications in social networks. “On the page of the teacher posted photos of indecent content depicting the use of weapons, violence, cruelty, and added comments using profanity that is against the law on education”, — commented on the incident by the assistant Prosecutor of the Trinity district of the region Evgeny Kozhemyakin.

The Agency required only to declare Latino reprimanded and to make sure those entries have been removed. However, the principal of the school instructed to fire him for immoral behavior.

According to Latina, so he tried to attract children to reading. “The circle of interests is very narrow. So they are unlikely to write an essay on the exam. I wanted to expand that circle, to interest the subject” — he explained his actions, noting that adolescents are best characterized by unusual, ambiguous facts about writers and literature in General.

Cthulhu is an ancient deity, first described in the story “the Call of Cthulhu” Lovecraft. According to his works, Cthulhu sleeps in the underwater city of R Lege, but he needs to Wake up when the stars will occupy a certain position. A characteristic feature of the beast is the head in the form of an octopus.

Earlier in the spring in Spain in one of the school libraries of Barcelona with the bookshelves disappeared two hundred works from contained in them of promoting sexism. In particular, this list includes fairy tale “Red riding Hood”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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