School girl recorded live with the criticism of Islam and angered adults


www.vsyako.netFrame: Soph / YouTube

Career YouTube-blogger under the nickname Soph was under threat after the reaction of the journalists in the video where she criticizes Islam. Staff publications BuzzFeed News found the video and called the video sharing website to check the account of 14-year-old.

It is reported that living in San Francisco she became a star among the conspiracy theorists, racists and the far right. In the last video she talked about Islam bias of American companies to the right attitudes and the habit of people to change their minds. In the comments many users spoke positively about the work of a teenager.

BuzzFeed staff stressed that such statements from the mouth of a child is cause for concern. The popularity of the blog networks also surprised them.

In response, YouTube banned the girl to upload videos during the week and deleted the video in which Soph threatened the head of YouTube Susan Wolitski (Susan Wojcicki). Other videos available on the channel. Previously banned video hosting comments to the rollers Soph.

Later, the author Joe Bernstein (Joe Bernstein) said in Twitter that the last roller Soph, in which she criticized Islam, was also removed. This happened a few hours after the publication of the article. When you click on the link to the video reported that it was removed for “violation of YouTube in respect of discriminatory statements.”

Previously the Verge reported that YouTube is in deep crisis. Recently, the company began to withdraw from independent authors and their content, preferring a more traditional format with celebrities, reminiscent of television.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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