The leader of “Okean Elzy” wanted “to destroy the old politics” in Ukraine


www.vsyako.netSvyatoslav, Vakarchuka: RIA Novosti

The leader of the group “Okean Elzy” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk has declared its intention to participate in the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. The presentation of his party “the Voice” was held at the old Kiev hill in Kiev, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

According to Vakarchuk, the goal of his party was “to destroy the old policy and create new policy”. Under the “old politics” he means “blind faith in the President.” However, the musician said that decisions are made in Parliament and “new names in the office on Bankova insufficient” changes in the country.

At the moment his party is in the process of registration, but the page “Voice” in social networks have already been created. Vakarchuk promises that his party will not take money from oligarchs and funding will be implemented through transparent business and ordinary Ukrainians.

During the presentation, which was attended by several hundred people, Vakarchuk introduced several members of their future party — a former Deputy economy Minister Julia Klimenko, participant of the battle for the airport Donetsk Andrey Sharaskin, former Executive Director of the Ukrainian branch of Transparency International Yaroslav Yurchishin, cardiologist Yuri Sokolov and acting Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration in 2016-2017 Salome Bobrovsky.

Vakarchuk was unavailable for comment. His representative Viktoriya Khomenko refused to grant review of the Russian media.

Published on 16 may, the survey by the sociological group “Rating” suggests that at the moment, the political force headed by Vakarchuk, ready to support on elections in the Verkhovna Rada 0.9% Ukrainians.

About the political ambitions of the leader of “Ocean Elzy” began to speak after may 2017 the group “Rating” and sociological service “Socis” has published a ranking of potential presidential candidates, which Vakarchuk gained 12 percent support.

In October 2018 Vakarchuk said that he was not interested in the presidency. However, in January 2019 he, answering the journalists ‘ question about his political ambitions, said that he was “in” and going “to bring in Ukrainian politics as many new faces”.

Later, the leader of group “Ocean Elzy” and reiterated no intention to run for President, explaining that in my jeans can do for the country more than wearing a tie. In the presidential elections Vakarchuk did not support any of the candidates, however urged Ukrainians to vote “not for fun”.

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