The reasons for return to Ukraine of Kolomoisky


www.vsyako.netIgor Kolomoyskogo: Sergey Cvah / “Kommersant”

The return of Ukrainian businessman and politician Igor Kolomoisky home is connected with the first inauguration of President-elect Vladimir Zelensky and hard statements Rudolph Giuliani, lawyer, U.S. President Donald trump. Reports about it “Strenia”.

According to the publication, Kolomoisky before the announcement date of the inauguration Zelensky know that it will take place on 20 may, “national front” and “Block of Petro Poroshenko” agreed informally to this day.

The second reason relates to a recent statement by Giuliani, who called Kolomoisky a criminal oligarch and advised Zelensky to keep in touch with him. The publication notes that the businessman may be serious pressure from the United States, and, given the close relationship of the American administration with Israel, where Kolomoisky spent almost a year abroad he is now to be unsafe.

It is also assumed that his return to Ukraine Kolomoisky wants to show the authorities that he is still active and not afraid of anything.

Kolomoisky arrived in the airport of the Ukrainian city of the Dnieper on the night of may 16. The plane of the group “Privat”, tail number UR-PRT followed from tel Aviv.

Abroad businessman, who founded the group “Privat”, was with June 2017. He lived first in Geneva, then “for family reasons” he moved to Israel. In April, Kolomoisky said that he was going to return to Ukraine and willing to help the winner of the presidential elections, Vladimir Zelensky. According to him, the first time after returning he wants to relax “at home in the village near Dnepropetrovsk”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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