The Russian police will spend more billions


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Petr Kassin / Kommersant

The Ministry of Finance published on the portal of legal information of the amendments to the Federal budget by 2019. They provide an increase in revenues and expenditures, more than the rest will be spent on the maintenance of law enforcement agencies.

Federal budget revenues, according to the latest Finance Ministry estimates, will increase of 205.6 billion. Growth will be achieved through increased non-oil revenues. Oil and gas, consisting of export duties on oil and gas, and tax on mineral extraction (met), on the contrary, the decrease by 58.7 billion. The Department explains this situation on the commodity and currency markets.

The costs of the new forecast to grow by 256,5 billion. The increase will affect almost all areas, except social. Thus, the annual transfer to the address of the Pension Fund at the end of 2019 it is proposed to reduce by 15.8 billion rubles. 12.5 billion needs to increase spending on security and law enforcement. Six billion of which will go to funding of the Ministry of interior.

2.7 billion will decrease the cost of the army, to 72.9 billion would increase spending on the national economy. In particular, the 40 billion proposed Railways through direct contribution to the capital.

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