The shallowing of the Volga frightened inhabitants of another region



Residents of Togliatti, Samara region began to sign petitions and complain about the dryness of the Volga river and local ponds, which, in their opinion, could destroy the local ecosystem and leave them without drinking water. This writes the Togliatti newspaper “freedom Square”.

Citizens are concerned that because of the suffering shoaling fish that cannot reproduce under these conditions. Clarifies that under the threat of extinction were dozens of subspecies of aquatic life. The author notes that the region’s residents actively write to local publics in social networks about the shallowing. Their concerns are not only a threat to fish, but the inability to open the swimming season.

According to chief meteorologist Togliatti, Director of the local gidrometobservatorii Hope Karasabai, the water is gone from the Volga suddenly. She noted that at the end of April the water level of the Baltic 51.8 meters (measuring system of water level in reservoirs — approx. “Of the”), and in early may — the Baltic is 33.8 meters. However, according to the weatherman, the situation can not be called critical.

It is noted that the lowering of the water level on the Volga occurred due to the very dry autumn last year. Without rain, the ground was dry, and she had to absorb the snow melt this spring.

The prospect of being left without drinking water that frightens local residents, Karpachova did not reject. “We fear more: can I manage our water supplies drinking water to the residents living in the Avtozavodsky district? And another question: what will be its quality?” she summed up the experiences of the inhabitants of the region.

The issue of raising the water level in the Volga river began including in Moscow. According to the publication, in the Federal Agency of water resources held a meeting which agreed on the level of water discharge through the nearby waterworks.

14 may it was reported that record the shallowing of the Volga river has worried the local population and environmentalists. Fishermen and environmental activists are called on to save the river. The problem of shoaling touched Ulyanovsk, Kostroma, Tver and Astrakhan regions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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