Trump admitted unwillingness to fight with Iran


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The President of the United States Donald trump is hoping that between his country and Iran will not start a real war. About it reports Reuters.

The head of state said this before the meeting with Ueli Maurer President of Switzerland, through which countries interact on the diplomatic channels. Replying to a question whether Washington will fight with Tehran, trump said, “I Hope not”.

Before mass media wrote that the us President prefers diplomacy and direct negotiations with the Iranian authorities, however, concerned about the disposition of a number of advisers on the war, reports Reuters.

Earlier, the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC, an elite unit of the Iranian army) said that Tehran is on the brink of full-scale war with the United States, passed the newspaper Al Masdar News. According to one of the commanders, the current time due to the pressure of the enemy — decisive for the history of Iran.

15 may it was reported that the US Army has resulted in a high degree of readiness of its troops in Iraq because of the threat of aggression by Iran.

On the same day, the Iranian authorities officially suspended the execution of certain obligations on the nuclear program, stipulated by the AGREEMENT. Now Tehran might resume uranium enrichment and sell it abroad, and to stop the upgrading of heavy water reactor in Arak. The leadership of the Islamic Republic declared that will go to these steps if any of the other transaction parties will not achieve the fulfillment of the conditions of the agreement within 60 days.

It is reported that the reason for this decision to be Iran’s violation of nuclear deal with the United States and U.S. sanctions. The other members of the SVPD — Germany, France, Britain, China and Russia should, according to Iranian authorities, to solve this problem in the near future.

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