Women faced problems at work because of the appearance


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Women admitted that an attractive appearance has a negative effect on their career. This writes The Sun.

A study conducted by researchers of two American universities and published in the journal Sex Roles, showed that beautiful women lead to less trust and more often face the risk of dismissal than the less pretty girls. After reviewing the publication, the journalist Bella battle interviewed three girls from the UK who had experienced difficulties at work because of their attractiveness.

They believe that beauty is more of a “curse” than luck. So, English Aimee Single, admitted that he quit as a recruitment consultant IT specialists, because her appearance was linked with stupidity.

“I was in the top ten among thousand employees and always looked good, wearing designer clothes, manicures, and makeup, went to sunbathe and have regularly eyelashes — shared Single. — I often took to deal with customers because of my appearance, but I never received them with interest. Male colleagues, who got the same time as me, got a promotion, although they have not had such success as I have. And one day, my Manager took the reward for the contract that I signed saying that I still lack experience. After that, I quit. It is unfortunate that in our time people still think that beauty is tantamount to stupidity”.

Russian Irina Cova, living in London, agreed with the Single and stated that the attractiveness destroyed her career. “Even during hiring my agent asked me to repaint the white hair a dark color to have an interview. And one of my bosses told me that I should dress modestly, even though I was not wearing heels. I think he just needed the corporate environment with the same people who have a mortgage and three children,” she explained and added that men do not want to take her to the company because they are afraid to be distracted from work. “So now I just opened my own website selling vintage clothing. I no longer need to rely on someone else’s opinion”, — concluded the Cove.

Fitness coach Pollyanna Hale also admitted that her appearance is bad for professional growth. “If you’re attractive, you’re wasting half of his life to prove to everyone that you’re something more than just the body and face. I once worked in the Spa and Wellness center, and I always had to look presentable. Men thought I was just a brainless beauty, explained Hale. — It seems as though people are blinded by looks and not believe that I can be any other quality.”

In April, British supermodel Naomi Campbell admitted that sometimes her career problems because of the color of the skin. According to the model, the fashion industry is still poorly balanced, and some countries are not willing to buy advertising with her face.

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