Athletes complained of “punishment” Nike for pregnancy


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American sports brand Nike refused to sponsor athletes as soon as they announced her pregnancy. About it reports Sky News.

According to the champion of Europe and participant of the Olympic games female athletes Pave Joanne (Joanne Pavey), “punish” women for wanting to have a family. “When I told them about my pregnancy effect my contract was immediately suspended,” admitted Pavi.

The same information was shared by the American runner Alicia Montana, which became a world celebrity, taking part in competitions at the eighth month of pregnancy. “The biggest discrepancy is that they do not support what they preach,” complained the athlete, keeping in mind the advertising slogan of the brand Just do it (“Just do it”). She believes that the alleged motivational slogan was created only for television campaigns and does not work in real life for real women.

However, the Nike representatives claim that the company has already revised its policy partnerships with the athletes. According to them, starting in 2018, the brand has not ceased to cooperate with any athlete due to pregnancy.

In November 2018 employees of a commercial Bank in the Chinese city Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, was obliged to obtain from the authorities permission to have a baby. The rules of the company required to terminate unapproved pregnancies. If a woman did not want to have an abortion, waiting for her punishment. Applications for the whole year was expected to submit in January.

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