Called the damage to the U.S. economy from “Game of thrones”


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More than 10 million Americans do not come to work on Monday, may 20, because of the series finale of “Game of thrones”. This is stated in the forecast of the Institute of labor resources of the company Kronos.

In addition, 2.9 million people are going to be late for work, and another 3.4 million will work remotely. The company Challenger, Gray & Christmas, due to the loss of productivity due to increased interest in the series damage the us economy will amount to $ 3.3 billion.

The series finale of “Game of thrones” in total will affect the work plans of over 27 million people, the study said. The last season of the show has already significantly influenced the productivity of Americans. So, with 20.4 million people admitted that watching the show influenced their attendance at work, performance.

In April, Columbia University Professor Bruce Craven has analyzed the “Game of thrones” and called the possible “winner”. According to him, the Iron throne at the end of the series will go to Sansa stark. Craven believes that in favor of the Sansa will play her rich experience. The scientist claims that Sansa has mastered the art to manipulate people thanks to the reach with the little finger, learned leadership and intransigence in Queen Cersei.

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