Disclosed is a method to avoid burnt skin on holiday


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“Rascacielo” gave tips for choosing a sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor — the “sun protection factor”), reports TASS.

According to the organization, the tool you should buy based on your skin type, which is determined by the speed of the manifestation of sunburn. For example, the Celtic type — very fair skin — burns on average 20 minutes, fair-skinned European — for half an hour. Owners of dark-skinned European type is quite 40 minutes, the southern European and 50 minutes, and Asian, one hour, and the Africa — 70 minutes.

Beauty expert Catherine zainutdinova explained that the number after the abbreviation SPF indicates how many times longer a person can stay in the sun than usual (SPF 15 is 15 times).

In addition, when choosing a sunscreen you need to consider the region in which it will be applied. For example, in Moscow to protect the skin from the sun’s rays enough SPF 4-10, while in Turkey at least 20-30. When bathing in the sea tool if you re-apply every two to three hours. To do this you also need half an hour before sun exposure, and not on arrival at the beach.

Zainutdinova advises to wash off sunscreen soap or shower gel. After that, the body should apply after sun or moisturiser.

In may last year, the skin of a student from the UK has painted in dark brown color after using cheap tinting tools. 23-year-old Jessica Clark struck mousse brand St Moriz”s darker than dark (“dark, darker”) on the face and body in the evening to give the skin a shade of light tan, and the next morning was similar to black.

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