Dog found buried alive baby and saved his life


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In the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, in northeast Thailand, a dog discovered among the fields buried alive newborn baby. This writes the British edition Daily Mail.

It is reported that on Wednesday, 15 may, 41-year-old UGA Nitika (Usa Nisaika) went for a walk with the dog on one of the farm fields. While walking the dog Ping Pong suddenly started to bark and dig. The owner walked up to see what interested him, and found sticking out from under the ground leg of the child. He quickly dug it and was taken to the hospital.

According to the publication, at the moment the health of the baby is not in danger.

Police found the child’s mother — it was 15-year-old resident of the village. She admitted she hid the pregnancy, gave birth secretly and decided to bury the baby because I was scared of the negative reaction of parents. It is specified that they are planning to pick up my grandson from the hospital and to engage in his upbringing.

Nishika also said that the locals are amazed by the act of his dog and called him a hero. He noted that the Ping Pong always was a devoted and obedient dog.

In March it was reported that in USA, the dog alerted the hostess about the fire in the neighbouring house. As a result, none of the residents were not injured.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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