Eight month old child four days survived in the forest without food and water


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American Floyd County, Kentucky, found a little boy after four days of searching. This reports the Metro.

Kenneth Howard (Kenneth Howard), who recently turned a year and ten months, was lost Sunday, may 12. His father, Elden (Elden Howard) decided that the child was abducted, because he disappeared without a trace. For four days the rescue team combed the forests on the surrounding slopes. In the search operation involved helicopters, sniffer dogs and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Howard found out on Wednesday, may 15, a mile from home. Rescuers heard a child crying at the foot of the slope and got him in a basket and ropes. The boy’s relatives suggested that he could leave the grounds of the house through the back door.

The child was taken by helicopter to the trauma center for inspection. The authorities noted that when Howard looked healthy.

In March it was reported that in the North of Nicaragua found a child who lived five days in the mountains without food and water. Two-year Anthony Yohandri Montenegro Herrera was found by a neighbor 300 meters from the house. Doctors failed to figure out how Anthony Yohandri managed to spend five days without food, water and warm clothing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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