Estimated spending most secret soldiers of the Russian special forces


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In preparation for the trip to Syria to fighters of the Russian special forces may require more than 300 thousand rubles. This amount, as found “”, includes the cost of purchasing comfortable combat clothing, gear, footwear and various equipment.

Some of the staff of the special operations Forces (SSO), in particular, prefer the standard body armor modular ballistic system — universal equipment, with about 500 variants of the Assembly. The average price of purchased military variant of the system varies from 18 to 22 thousand rubles not including the armor plates, which can be both regular and dokopatsya separately.

Set of combat clothing from the domestic manufacturer — trousers, shirt and jacket — serviceman will cost on average 20-25 thousand rubles; the cost of a similar set of foreign production reaches $ 450. Pair of shoes, depending on origin, will cost from five to 18 thousand rubles.

A significant cost item is the equipment for weapons, so the cost of additional components from abroad to the AK-74M one of the fighters of the MTR was estimated at 190-200 thousand.

Soldiers of the special forces, including the MTR, often buy the equipment for its own account, told to “” the head of the brand “VОИН” Yuriy Derevyanko. “Before each trip they are forced to purchase, at its own expense those items of military equipment, without which it will be hard to carry out combat missions, and in particular, this applies to clothing,” — said the expert.

Special operations forces is one of the most secretive military units of Russia. Official data on the number and budget of this structure is not, as secret identity of the current commander of the SSO. This unit is actively involved in anti-terrorist operations in Syria.

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