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From the end of may in the Moscow region starts the search of violators of land legislation. It will be carried out with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles. This is reported by “Izvestia”.

Drones will fly over suburban areas, collecting the required data. Subsequently, the experts will compare the received information with information from the Unified state register of real estate (egrn). The goal is to identify violations associated with the illegal or inappropriate use of land plots.

The first pilot surveys of land in the suburbs with the use of drones passed may 14, under the leadership of Deputy head of Rosreestr Maxim Smirnov, the newspaper notes. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have studied the territory of the Istra district. Previously, drones have been involved with a similar aim in the Tula region and Tatarstan Republic.

As told “Izvestia” in the Russian state register, the observations were successful, so by the end of the year the project will cover the whole of Russia. In the framework of the administrative centers of Federal districts will create a center of collective use of UAVs. They will be equipped with the necessary equipment for imaging the earth’s surface and data processing.

In April it became known that the country reform, which entered into force on 1 January 2019 and obliging the Russians to put in order the documentation for their plots and buildings on them, encouraged citizens to actively get rid of countryside real estate. According to experts, gardeners are afraid of higher tax payments and therefore taking their home on the market.

Country reform actually calls for the elimination of the concept of “cottage” to stay and only gardening and garden Association. At last, you can build a capital house for living. While registering buildings as homes increases the tax burden on the owner because the cadastral value of houses for permanent residence are traditionally higher than the cost of summer cottages.

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