Germany will pay compensation to the victims of the Chilean Nazi sect


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Germany will pay compensation to the victims of the Chilean Nazi sect “Colonia Dignidad”. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The amount of compensation each victim will be 11 thousand ($710 thousand). The right to receive payments of approximately 240 surviving Germans and Chileans, including about 80 people who currently reside in Germany.

It is emphasized that measures to support victims taken “solely out of moral responsibility” and “without recognition of a legal liability.”

The settlement was founded in Chile in 1961, a former Wehrmacht corporal Paul Schaefer, who fled from Germany after the Second world war. In those years the German authorities were looking for him for child abuse.

Schaefer created a colony in the image and likeness of the sect, where men and women were forced to live apart, and children were separated from parents. The settlers had no documents and could not leave the territory of the settlement, surrounded by barbed wire and protected by armed men. A colony not subject to the jurisdiction of the Chilean government, it was considered normal surveillance and whistleblowing.

Over the years, “Dignidad” Schaefer seduced more than 20 minors. During the rule of Augusto Pinochet he worked closely with the Chilean junta. From 1973 to 1990 in the settlement of tortured political prisoners and experimenting on them for medical experiments.

In 1997, schäfer fled to Argentina, where he was arrested in 2005. He was sentenced to 20 years for the torture and abuse of children and other residents of the colony. He died in 2010 in a Chilean prison.

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