Have arrested in Moscow, an investor from the United States seized the Bank


www.vsyako.netMichael Califato: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The arbitration court of Amur region has satisfied the claim of “Pinvin”, owned by businessman Artyom Avetisyan, a minority shareholder of Bank “East”, RIA Novosti reported. The plaintiff’s claims concerned the package of 9.99% of the shares of the Bank: “Vinvin” received the right to purchase them from a subsidiary of the investment Fund Baring Vostok, the founder of which is a citizen of the USA Michael Calvey is accused of fraud and is under house arrest in Moscow.

The claim “Vinvin” covered call option — a contract signed in August 2016 with a Cyprus-registered company Evision Holdings Limited, controlled by Baring Vostok. By its terms, “Pinvin” received the right to buy a stake in the Bank “East” and Evision has committed itself to sell it.

However, a year ago, she refused to fulfill his obligation, citing violations of the law, which was allegedly made controlled Avetisyan company in merger of another Bank — “Uniastrum” — “East”. From “Uniastrum”, according to Evision and Baring, was then withdrawn assets, and this has made the option void. In addition, the contract allegedly provided for the sale of 9.99% of shares of “Vostochny”, but also a number of other conditions, in particular the settlement of debt owed to the Bank, First collection Bureau (PCB), it became a reason for initiation of proceedings against Calvey.

Now the court has satisfied the claim “Finviz”. Currently, shares arrested by another decision of the same court at the request of the same claimant. At Evision has five working days to make as provided in the option transaction (agreed in the option price of 750 million rubles) — otherwise, it will is force, and the shares become the property of “Finviz”.

Criminal case against Michael Calvey was filed in February. An American investor, founded in 1994, one of the largest foreign funds investing in Russian assets, has been accused of deliberately lowering the value of the shares of the Luxembourg company IFTG. This package belonging to the PKB, was transferred to the Bank “the East” on account of debt settlement 2.5 billion. Investigators leading the case at the request Avetisyan, argued that the market price of the stock is much lower and amounts to a total of 600 thousand rubles. In April, the Moscow arbitration court approved a controversial package rating of 3.08 billion rubles. All three companies — Bank “East”, PKB and IFTG — before the conflict belonged to the Baring, but after this decision of the court of the Amur region, the Fund will lose control of the Bank “East”.

Michael Calvey were arrested by the court for two months in February. He was later placed under house arrest, which expires on July 14.

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