In designed to restore the image of the couriers is the saw broken lives


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Anastasia Zhbanova

Delivery service food Delivery Club launched in Moscow outdoor advertising, telling about the courier company. The idea was criticized by users of the Network, according to TJ.

Along with photos of employees on the poster had posted some facts from their biographies. It turned out that among the food delivery in Delivery Club teacher, mountaineer, journalist and former military officer. The authors of the idea stressed that he wanted to show that their employees are people with their talents and passions, not “faceless workers”.

However, in the opinion of Twitter users with their advertising service has shown the futility of certain professions. “This is has the prestige of liberal education,” writes one commenter.

There were those who supported the authors of advertising, noting that people have chosen their profession and “should be happy that now couriers earn more than as reporters and teachers of literature”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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