Instagram fashion brand with fat and colored models of pissed off buyers


www.vsyako.netScreenshot: @Ohpollyinclusive

British fashion brand Oh Polly have created a separate Instagram profile for the publication of pictures of the clothes large size, and faced a barrage of criticism from buyers. This reports the Metro.

In the new account Oh Polly Inclusive has photos of fat models and bloggers, as well as representatives of different races, demonstrating the clothing brand. The fans of the brand were outraged that these women were considered “unworthy” for the main profile.

“And what makes them not suitable for your home page? Who decided that? You call yourself inclusive and don’t want to publish photos of women who aesthetically do not fit your page,” wrote Twitter YouTube blogger Alissa Ashley. “Wait, that is Oh Polly believes that to create a new profile called Oh Polly Inclusive is inclusive? They literally drove colored and full of” — he terrified another wearer. “Hey, @ohpolly, this is not inclusiveness, this is called segregation. The launch of the all-new pages for posting photos of black women is disgusting, especially if on the main page you are posting white women with strong sun,” said the third.

As a result, the employees listened to the opinion of the girls, removed an additional profile and promised to “learn from their mistakes”.

In may fat American woman angered that the online lingerie store Plus Size Baby invited to advertise their goods skinny models. Instead of having to remove full models, the brand chose slender girls underwear was several sizes large. In one of the photos the model is wearing sweatpants, jamming both feet into one pant leg, thereby demonstrating how the clothing is big.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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