Is transgender a birth to a dead child due to medical mistakes


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In the U.S. a 32-year-old transgender went to the hospital with complaints of stomach pain and gave birth to a dead child. As the portal to USA Today, citing medical publication New England Journal of Medicine, the cause of fetal death could be neglect of patient physicians and nurses.

American, born of woman, but identify themselves as male, applied to medical institution with complaints of high blood pressure and abdominal pain. The nurse gave the patient enough attention, deciding that his problems are associated with obesity and the fact that he stopped taking pills for high blood pressure. It is noted that the American looked like a man.

The patient told the nurse that he is transgender. According to him, he was taking testosterone, which in his time had ceased ovulation and menstruation. However, after the revocation of his insurance, he stopped taking hormones and medications from high blood pressure. American made pregnancy test, it was positive. The nurse told me to give him another test and found his condition stable.

After a few hours the results of the second test again was positive. The man did an ultrasound, the results of which it was not clear whether the heart beats in the fetus. The patient was sent for an emergency C-section. When the baby was delivered, he turned up dead.

The case attracted the attention of doctors and specialists in medical ethics across the country. They suggested that prompt help could save a child, and blamed the incident on gender stereotypes. “If these symptoms were from women, she probably would have suspected pregnancy, and conducted a more thorough examination,” wrote a specialist in hormone therapy Tamara Wexler (Wexler, Tamara).

Scientists have noted that transgender people are required to clarify the medical classification. “It correctly identified as male. But it deprived him of necessary medical care,” said Dr. Daphne Stroumsa (Daphna Stroumsa).

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