Nude Emily Ratajkowski has opposed a ban on abortions


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American top model Emily Ratajkowski has posed naked, speaking out against the law banning abortions in Alabama, USA. Photography and his opinion about the decision of the state Senate, the girl shared in his Instagram account on Thursday, may 16.

The picture shows the 27-year-old Ratajkowski posing in front of the camera, covering her breast with hand. “This week 25 white men voted for the ban on abortion in Alabama, even in cases of incest and rape. These men are in power and impose their will on women to maintain the Patriarchy and perpetuate the prison industrial complex, and left women with limited economic possibilities of the right choice”, — was indignant the model in the description of the post (the prison industrial complex was formed on the basis of the emergence of private prisons in the US: companies sign long-term agreement with the government on the management of prisons. He took a strong position in the production of many kinds of products in the country. For example, today’s prison industry in the United States produces one hundred percent of all military helmets, uniform belts, vests, and other items of military uniforms — approx. “Of the”).

She then noted that ban abortion are trying especially in the States with the highest percentage of population is black women, and this, in her view, is pure racism and violation of human rights. “Our bodies our choice,” concluded Rutkowski.

May 15 legislature of the U.S. state of Alabama have approved a law banning abortions, making no exceptions for cases of rape and incest. For the introduction of the law voted by 25 senators, opposed by six. Supported measure not only cancels the recognition of the right to abortion constitutional abortion at any term in the state are going to considered a crime.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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