Participant of “Top models Australian” revealed a terrible truth about life models


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The former participant of the project “Top model in the Australian” Tayla Roberts spoke about hard life of girls who are building a modeling career. Frank story and the pictures changed after leaving the fashion business, she shared in his Instagram account.

“I’ve always fought for is the body. I was terrified at the thought that in one moment my dreams could be destroyed, if the number on the roulette will change to a half inch. I am happy that in the end recovered,” admitted Roberts in the post.

She also said that reviewing pictures from the backstage of the shows and recalls how she had to Wake up at five in the morning, and then a whole day to walk with a thick layer of makeup on my face “until then, until his eyes were bloodshot”.

“Your hair is always delayed, curl, straighten, stretch out, pour lacquer comb, break down, and the artificial hair to stick on and remove, as though they had nothing to do with you,” continued the girl.

According to Roberts, to stifle the desire to eat sweet, the girls have to smoke, and the shoes that they are sent to the podium, is always two sizes smaller.

In addition to physical tortures, the model experienced emotional pressure. “If you don’t open or don’t close the show so you need for the extras,’ she complained. — I compare myself to every girl and puzzled over why until now did not get on the show, dreamed of”.

In conclusion, Roberts noted that in such circumstances, are forced to work model in Australia — a country where modeling is considered less severe than abroad.

In February British model Edie Campbell was forbidden to open the show at fashion Week in Milan due to the extra weight. 28-year-old girl participated in the show of the Italian fashion house Fendi, after which posted a photo with the artist of Cristal mcgreevy Breakfast at the hotel. “When a brand claims that you’re too big to open a show, you call Crystal on a sumptuous Breakfast,” she signed selfie.

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