Russian journalist half a day passed with panties on the head and had the reputation of “great”



Russian journalist Olesya Gerasimenko said that I accidentally spent half a day with their own underwear on his head. The details of the situation it was stated in his Twitter.

“At nine in the morning went into the shower, tied my hair cowards, not to water, now the third hour of the day, behind two meetings, drove half the city — guess what I forgot to remove from the head” — shared Gerasimenko. “No bitch said,” — she was indignant.

The publication of the journalist gathered 12.5 thousands of likes and dozens of comments. Many of the members jokingly suggested that such accessory could be the new trend of expressing the attitude of a person towards others. “Well, they took this as your message to the world (and by the way, apparently, treated with respect for your point of view),” said one of them. “Great people create fashion trends, not follows generally accepted fashion,” added another.

One of the commentators suggested that this decision should help Gerasimenko in the professional field. “We didn’t want to give an interview, but then I saw the panties on the head, and we had no choice” — ironically it. Another suggested that such a mind a girl can be found in the crowd.

Some users remembered accidently forgot about some of the details. One of the girls told how her husband took the spread on her face mascara for a trendy makeover. Someone forgot to cut the tag with the new outfit. It turned out that Gerasimenko many like-minded people who also tie your hair with underwear or socks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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