Small business in Russia left without money


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Lock accounts in 2018 has hit the business harder than in previous years, reports owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC with reference to the survey of Agency MAGRAM Market Research commissioned by Promsvyazbank and OPORA Russia.

It is reported that 20 percent of small and medium-sized businesses, took part in the survey admitted that faced with freezing Bank accounts last year. 43 percent of them said that this had serious consequences, for comparison, in 2017, 28 per cent.

As participants of the market, locking compromises the money in the accounts and often leads to the death of the business. At the same time, according to the study, 51 percent of locks is the fault of the entrepreneurs themselves. 35 percent of respondents admitted that they did not have time to pay the taxes, and 10 percent violated the rules of delivery of returns, 6% made other mistakes.

In 16 percent of cases have blocked the account through the fault of the regulatory authorities. In 14 percent of the banks did not explain the reason for blocking, 10 — cent, the reason was suspicion of money laundering.

In 2017, according to “Business Russia”, with a massive failure to carry out the operation and locking of accounts has faced about 700 thousand entrepreneurs. Later there are no statistics, but, according to the Federal service for financial monitoring, blocking, allowed to suppress the output in the illegal turnover more than 100 billion rubles.

Previously, “Support of Russia” and the Association of small-format trade said that due to amendments to the Tax code, small retail outlets will not be able to use special tax regimes for trade marked goods. As a result, a large part of brick and mortar stores will not cope with the increased tax load and will be forced to leave the market.

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