The airline has found a way to remove the passengers from the neighbors


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Irish airline Aer Lingus has allowed passengers to purchase two adjacent seats on the plane for a name. It is reported by The Sun.

For wealthy travelers who appreciate personal space, Aer Lingus has launched a program called AerSpace.

According to the newspaper, the ticket “Deluxe” means that a traveler will not have to “fight” with fellow travelers over the armrest and for a place in the overhead compartment of the plane. The cost also includes access to lounge areas of the airport, extraordinary passage of the customs control zone, the right of the first to Board the plane and get a refreshing drink during the flight.

Ticket “Deluxe” costs four times more than usual. For example, a flight for two seats from London to Dublin will cost 165 pounds (about 14 thousand), while its standard price — 40 pounds (three thousand rubles).

The first flight for which it is possible to book this ticket, will take place on September 1, 2019.

In April of 2018 the Italian manufacturer Aviointeriors seats has developed the design of standing seats to increase the capacity of the aircraft by 20 percent. According to the manufacturer, the seats of this type are invented to ensure “ultra high density” in the salon and will allow to narrow the distance between the rows. Thus, the stand-up chair is ideal for short flights and to increase the income of the airlines.

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