The blogger exposed perfect photo stars of Instagram and drove her to despair


www.vsyako.netTrisha Paytas Photo: @trishapaytas

Instagram model and YouTube blogger Trisha Paytas (Trisha Paytas) upset when I saw the movie, in which another blogger showed a greater difference between its publications on photoplotters and real pictures. She emphasized that it considers “cyber-bullying”.

The cause of her disorder was a YouTube video-blogger Ethan Klein (Ethan Klein). In the video on my channel h3h3Productions he explained how many Internet stars hide their real appearance using the correction, the change of camera angles and photoshop. Klein noted that the purpose of the video is to show others that they look no worse than Internet stars and they don’t need to worry about their appearance every time they see the “perfect” post in Instagram.

In the video Klein ridiculed and photoshop, Pitas. Because of this, she appealed to the blogger with the requirement to remove the roller. She also wrote the sludge Klein (Hila Klein), wife of Ethan, telling her to file for divorce.

In the end, the blogger did not remove the video and only jokingly said, Pitas: “And who is this rude person? Something I don’t recognize her avatar. Someone know?” According to SocialBlade, Pitas since the release of the video of Klein lost about 50 thousand subscribers on YouTube, currently signed for 4.8 million people.

Earlier the subscribers the stars of the British reality show Love Island The Montana brown (Montana Brown) noticed traces of photoshop on pictures of girls. Fans noticed that the windowsill near her buttocks begins to bend unnaturally.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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