The Russians were given cheques in the morgue with the words, “see you again!”



In Belogorsk Amur region visitors with local morgue issue checks with the inscription, “see you again!” printed on the cash equipment. A photo of one of these checks appeared on the website of the regional newspaper “Амур”.

The check “Amur Bureau is judicial-medical examination” provides a list of services rendered and the cost of each of them. After the totals are printed the phrase “Waiting for you again!”

As the head of the Department of fiscal solutions IT company “ATOL” Ivan Kollegov edition the seller can produce customization of sales receipt, and to make it more suitable to the nature of its activities. So, the modern cash register equipment allows you to completely change the default settings, and disable additional writing.

In February, residents of Novy Urengoy also protested the invitation to a funeral home to handle most of its services, printed in the check office. So, after the final amount in the calculation sheet office was written “Come again.” According to the funeral Director Yuri Sabanin, two years of his company no one complained about this inscription.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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