The subsistence minimum of pensioners decided to consider new


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The labour Ministry has prepared new rules for calculating the subsistence minimum of pensioners (PMP), reports owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

It is expected that you will thus avoid over-or underpowered. The Ministry proposed the following formula: actual subsistence minimum in the region for the first half is divided into Federal and multiplied by Federal, predicted economic development for the next year. The document posted on the portal disclosure of draft normative-legal acts.

In fact we are talking about indexing PMP by a factor equal to the forecasted national amount for the next year and the actual nationwide figure for the first half of this year.

The Ministry expects that the regions move to a new method by September 2019, respectively regional regional PMP in 2020 will be withdrawn at a new technique.

If this formula retroactively calculate regional minimum subsistence level of pensioners for the year 2019 (take a regional PMP for the first half of 2018, and be indexed according to the forecast of Ministry of economic development to 2019), in 41 the living would have increased relatively to the set, and in 44 regions it decreased.

In February, President Vladimir Putin raised the issue of the need to develop a method, as in the regions now, in his words, “fully overlapping: someone a lot, someone’s empty.”

In February it was reported that the draft law, according to which the poor Russian pensioners will receive surcharges to pension, even if the overall income above the subsistence level. The indexation of pensions and monthly monetary payments will not be included in the basic allowance.

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