Tombs from the Valley of Glory found at the dump



The headstones from graves of soldiers from the Valley of Glory in the Murmansk region, where the memorial to the defenders of the Soviet Arctic, was found in a landfill near Murmansk. It is reported by “Novaya Gazeta”.

Plate found among the workshops and warehouses in 70 kilometers from the memorial complex in lots of elements of concrete structures, brick and curb stone. Who did it and why, is unknown.

As writes the edition, a few years ago from the Valley of Glory removed state protection and under protection, was only a plaster monument in the middle of the memorial. Then the government took under control, however, was found during this time the bones were buried only a few years. Later, the officials decided to reconstruct the object, and when replacing the plates with lists of the victims lost thousands of fighters, and some names were misspelled.

In the summer of 2018 valley again dug up and replaced the headstones to the new, from which many of the plates remained nameless. About it “New newspaper” written in March, and, after publication, the head of Committee on culture of the region Sergey Ershov publicly promised to correct the situation. According to the publication, the officials in their review said that “the grave is not transferred, but only changed the location of the tombs”.

In 2017, the Chairman of the coordination Council of search groups of Murmansk area Konstantin Dobrovolsky said that the area of the Valley of Fame will expand to new burials.

Memorial Valley of Fame is located on the right Bank of the river Zapadnaya Litsa. Earlier the place was called the Valley of Death. In this area there were fierce battles on the home front in the Murmansk operation in 1941. Troops of the Third Reich during the war years and failed to capture the town with its ice-free port, the railway and the main base of the Northern fleet in the Arctic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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