Trump has proposed to abolish the visa lottery program


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The US President Donald trump has proposed to change the rules of admission of immigrants and cancel the visa lottery program (green card lottery — approx. “Of the”). It is reported CBS News.

Trump plans to reform the immigration system of the country. It is reported that it will introduce a points system to assess applicants for a green card on the basis of such factors as age and education. Candidates will be given preference to young people with in-demand skills, job offers or plans to create your business, which will increase the number of jobs.

In General, it is planned to increase the share of experts with high qualification among arriving in the country from the current 12 to 57 percent.

Trump said that after the reform will be canceled, the possibility of obtaining visas randomly using a lottery. According to him, the result of drawing of green card into the country annually come to 50 thousand people. The us President said that all arriving in the country must be pass the test of English as a foreign language.

In February, trump announced a state of emergency in the country due to the failure of Congress to approve funding for the construction of a wall on the us-Mexican border to curb immigration. After that, he asked Congress to allocate another $ 8.6 billion.

Earlier, trump complained about emerging from the “fucking holes” of migrants. Also he has already threatened to cancel the draw of the green cad.

The program of the lottery visas DV implements the US Department of state. Played annually 55 thousand visas for citizens of countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. It is noted that the computer determines lottery winners by random selection.

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