Woman caught rare shark weighing half a ton


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home of Charlene Dillon in Facebook

In County Clare, Ireland, a woman was caught on the hook of a huge sixgill shark. On it informs the British edition Daily Mirror.

30-year-old Charlene Dillon (Dillon Charlene) fished near the village Carrigaholt. According to the woman, she felt her fishing rod with all his strength pulled and the fishing reel started to unwind with great speed. The woman tried to pull the fish, but she started to resist. The captain told the Irish that they have a big catch.

“I was fastened to the special equipment so I won’t be pulled over the side of boats that can easily happen when you fight with fish of this size,” added the woman.

As soon as the fish appeared on the surface, the Irish realized that this is a rare six-gilled shark. She didn’t let her go to the bottom and after half an hour of fighting with the shark pulled on deck. The catch measured length of the shark was four feet and a weight of half a ton. After that, they released her back into the water.

According to the fisherwomen, the shark was half the size of the boat. She believes she was the only woman in Ireland who managed to catch a rare fish. All she spent on catching sharks and a half hours.

“I felt like the strongest woman in the world once outwitted and challenged by this magnificent animal, is the feeling of pure success and joy, I was ecstatic,” said Dillon.

Earlier in may it was reported that in the coastal waters of the English County of Devon caught a huge octopus with long tentacles. Soon the fisherman was contacted by one of London’s restaurants and bought a marine animal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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