World champion Wilder spoke about doping in Boxing


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World champion by the world Boxing Council (WBC) American Deontay Wilder spoke about the prevalence of doping in Boxing. The words of heavyweight leads the “bi-Bi-si”.

“The guys on the dope think smart. They want to cheat the system. Ban one drug, and at this point already created another one which has not yet learned to detect. Many boxers use doping. I know they will help with this doctor. As for me, it’s just a shame — to use banned substances to cheat in such a rigorous sport,” said Wilder.

Earlier in may, American boxer explained his words about wanting to kill an opponent in the ring. “It’s the only sport where you can kill people and get money for it. So why not use it?” — said Wilder.

May 18, he will defend the title against compatriot Dominic Brizil. Wilder remains undefeated in the professional ring. He scored 40 victories, 39 of them by knockout. One of his fights ended in a draw in December 2018 American failed to beat the Briton Tyson fury.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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