Buzova told about the disappointment of another man


www.vsyako.netOlga Busovaca: Alexey Filippov/ RIA Novosti

Russian pop singer Olga Buzova told that once again disappointed in men. Such a statement she made in one of the posts on his page on Instagram.

“Life goes by so fast…and stupid to just live by expectations and promises. Every time I tell myself that, and stepping on the same rake”, — she wrote. Buzova admitted that she, like many girls “like ears”, but without actions, words no longer mean anything, either. “How not to let into your life Piz..balls and .Udaka?” she asked to his subscribers. About whom exactly she wrote, Buzov said.

In the comments it was supported, advised to take things easier and not to get upset.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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