China will help Belarus to create an analogue of “Iskander-M”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Victor Tolochko / RIA Novosti

Belarus with the support of China will create based on your own “Polonaise-M” Russian analogue of “Iskander”. This was reported by TASS during the exhibition MILEX 2019, the representative of the “Belarusian precision electromechanics plant” (STEM).

“The layout of the new missile and launch container for her are presented at the exhibition in order to show potential foreign customers the facility of “Polonaise-M” in the short term,” — said the Belarusian expert.

According to the Agency, in case of successful implementation of the project “complex will look like a Chinese missile system M20”.

Previously tested in may North Korea’s rocket Western experts saw the analogue of “Iskander-M” technology which, according to them, Pyongyang could obtain from Beijing or Moscow.

In April of last year, “Kommersant”, citing sources, wrote that the Belarusian reactive systems of volley fire “Polonaise-M”, which uses Chinese missiles, can appear in Azerbaijan in 2018. This information was confirmed in June last year.

“Polonaise-M” based on Chinese missiles A-200 (their production by about 30 percent localized in Belarus) installed on the chassis MZKT-7970. Work on the project Minsk began in 2012 after Moscow refused to supply Western neighbor complexes “Iskander-M” without the simultaneous placement in the country of Russian crews. In Minsk believe that the “Polonaise-M” is a worthy alternative to the “Iskander”.

Operational-tactical missile complex “Iskander-M” was developed in the 1990-ies and adopted in 2006. the range of the missile is 500 km for the export version — 280 kilometers. Aeroballistic missiles “Iskander-M” are managed throughout the flight, making its path difficult to predict and complicates the interception of available funds missile defense (NMD).

9th international exhibition of arms and military equipment MILEX 2019 runs from 15 to 18 may in Minsk (Belarus).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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