Kuchma called Nicholas II and Bandera


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Moscow is rewriting the history of the Russian Empire, the USSR and the Russian Federation, without giving Kiev the opportunity to understand their own, what is the source of all problems of Ukraine. This is stated in the statement of the second President of the country Leonid Kuchma, which reports in Facebook by his press Secretary Daria olifer.

According to the former head of state, Ukrainians should know the history of their country. “After all the problems due to the fact that the history of Ukraine was written in Moscow and the heroes of Ukraine were drawn in Moscow”, — said the politician.

Kuchma, noting that “assessment of historical figures is changing,” gave examples of Stepan Bandera and Nicholas II. The former head of state believes that issues relating to the first historical figure, should deal with professional historians and did not rule out that “in different regions of Ukraine can be their own heroes”.

“I want to ask the Russians: when I was in school, I was told that Nicholas II — bloody king, shot January 9, people staged a bloody Sunday. Why, then, you have made it Holy? In the civil war red shot, white, white — red,” said the former head of state.

In April won the last presidential elections of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky named Bandera “hero for a certain percentage of Ukrainians” and “one of those people who defended the freedom of Ukraine”.

Bandera during world war II he headed the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists, which operated in Western Ukraine. The Association is banned in Russia. January 20, 2010, third Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko posthumously awarded Bandera the highest distinction of the country — the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Bloody Sunday (9 January 1905), the soldiers of the Russian Imperial guard fired several thousands of peaceful unarmed workers marching to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg to deliver the petition to Tsar Nicholas II. According to various estimates, the military shot up to 250 marchers, injuring up to 800 people arrested around 7 thousand participants of the procession. In the night from 16 to 17 July 1918 the Emperor and members of his family were shot by Bolsheviks in Yekaterinburg. 20 August 2000, together with his wife and children of Nicholas II, the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate glorified among the saints as a Martyr.

In 1986-1992, Kuchma, being a graduate of the Dnepropetrovsk state University, specialty “engineer-mechanic”, was supervised by “Yuzhmash”, and previously, from 1982, he held the position of Deputy chief designer “Yuzhnoe”. In 1994-2005, Mr Kuchma was President of Ukraine.

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