Published Zelensky draft decree on the dissolution of Parliament


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Edition “Strenia” published the draft decree of the Ukrainian President-elect Vladimir Zelensky on the early dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada.

The document says that the basis for the dissolution of Parliament will be an insufficient number of MPs in the coalition Parliament. In 2016, the coalition came out of the party “Batkivschyna”, “Samopomich” Radical party, then in the two remaining parties (“Block Poroshenko” and “popular front”) is less than 226 MPs — less than half of the Parliament.

The President has the right to dissolve the Parliament, if the Parliament within a month there is no coalition consisting of a majority of MPs from the constitutional composition of the Parliament.

The decree is expected to hold extraordinary elections to the Parliament on 14 July 2019.

A source surrounded by Zelensky said that the President plans to sign an Executive order after his inauguration, which is scheduled for may 20. The interviewee said that the final document has not yet been approved. At the headquarters of the ongoing debate about the need for early dissolution of Parliament.

On 17 may, the popular front announced its withdrawal from the ruling coalition, thus blocking for Zelensky the ability to dissolve Parliament. Following this, speaker Andrew paruby said that the coalition ceases to exist within 30 days of Parliament should form a new majority. By law, during this period the President has no right to dissolve the Parliament.

Initially, the coalition, in addition to the “popular front”, was part of “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, the Radical party and “Batkivschyna” and “Samopomich”. In this format parliamentary majority was of 302 deputies. However, further Radical party, “Fatherland” and “Self” have left the coalition, leaving the Union is only 215 deputies from the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko” and “popular front”. Officially on the dissolution of the coalition has not been announced.

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