The commander of the Russian submarine put a million accounts for the accident


www.vsyako.netDiesel-electric submarine “Krasnodar”Photo: Vasiliy Batanov/ RIA “Novosti”

With the former commander of the submarine division captain I rank Igor martemyanova, and the commander of the submarine “Krasnodar” captain II rank Denis Sopina are trying to recover more than 17 million rubles for the accident with a civilian ship. About it reports “Kommersant”.

The amount of charge the bailiffs. Criminal cases both officers were discussed behind closed doors, according to the newspaper, both pleaded guilty.

Sopin has reimbursed its part of the damage, but did not pay court costs, and Martemyanov still owe five million. Specifies that it is the third group disabled retired and is dependent on two minor children.

The accident occurred in 2016 during a training exercise in the Baltic sea. Surfacing, “Krasnodar” collided with a foreign vessel, after which it was sent for repair. “Kommersant” says that the ship has violated the boundary of the area where training exercises, despite warnings from the military. The result of the collision, the submarine was broken pereskop, and the ship is hardly affected. Restoration work “Krasnodar” was carried out in two stages.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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