Threw his daughter to the clinic, the woman was visiting from the Ukraine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Investigative Committee

Granny thrown in the Moscow clinic the girls talked about the motives of the act of her mother. On Saturday, may 18, reports the Telegram-channel Baza.

The child’s mother’s name is Maria Rudnitskaya. She came to Russia from the Vinnitsa region of Ukraine. Her daughter is born in 2016.

The girl Mary spoke only in Ukrainian, so doctors initially did not understand her words, until it became clear that the child does not speak Russian.

As told by grandmother, Mary believed that the baby her life is over. After she met a young man, and they began a relationship, she began to repeat it more often.

About the same spoke and companion to Mary, he repeated that the girl she doesn’t need, it will not normally be able to nurture and grow.

Earlier on Saturday it was reported that police detained a woman who threw her daughter in the clinic in the North of Moscow. 21-year-old Muscovite said that he had left the child in the hospital, because could not cope with their responsibilities. She brought her daughter to the clinic and not in an institution, because “not cooked”.

Concerning mother criminal case under article “Leaving in danger” and “Default of duties on education of the child.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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