Israel attacked the “Eurovision” because of the violation of the Sabbath


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Corinna Kern / Reuters

In Jerusalem, hundreds of Orthodox Jewish community protested because of the violation of the Sabbath Eurovision. It is reported by The Times of Israel.

The protesters blocked the street Haneviim and the surrounding roads, stopping the traffic. Several representatives of the Jewish community attacked the police. As a result, were arrested six persons suspected of violating public order and assault of law enforcement officers.

According to Orthodox Jews, Eurovision desecrated a Jewish holiday. Despite the fact that the international vocal competition held at the end of the “Jewish Sabbath”, the preparatory process at this time did not stop. Religious precepts in Judaism require complete refusal to work from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.

The newspaper reminds that in connection with “Eurovision”, the chief Rabbi of Israel has called for the continuation of the Sabbath for 20 minutes because of a violation of traditions.

15 may Orthodox rabbis of Israel said that the holding of “Eurovision” in tel Aviv desecrates a sacred for the Jews the Sabbath day.

The final of the competition, which involved 26 countries, was held in tel Aviv, Israel, may 18, 2019. First place went to Duncan Lawrence, who represented the Netherlands, with a score of 469 points. Behind him were Italy and Russia, with 465 and 369 points, respectively. The next “Eurovision” will be held in may 2020 in the country of the winner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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