Poroshenko has recognized the de-communization of Ukraine ended


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Markiian Lyseiko / Global Look Press

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced the completion of the process of de-communization of Ukraine. About it reports TV channel “Direct”.

“Actually completed in the last five years the process of de-communization in our state, banned the Communist ideology,” — said Poroshenko at the ceremony of memory of victims of political repression. He also noted that the tragedy of the Communist terror should be a lesson and “to guard against attempts to revive “the Russian world” on the Ukrainian land.”

Poroshenko believes that the Ukrainian people every time confirms the thesis of the irreversibility of the European course and the inadmissibility of returning to the bosom of Russia. “On the ground where the trees grow from human blood, there can be no question of political flirting with the aggressor”, — he added. According to the head of the state in our days hinders Ukraine “a new invasion on the part of the successor of the Bolshevik Empire, the Russian Federation”.

Earlier the inauguration of President Vladimir Zelensky was postponed because of the day of memory of victims of political repression.

The third Sunday of may in Ukraine in 2007 was determined by the decree of the President of Ukraine as the Day of memory of victims of political repression. On this day in the country is limited to entertainment and broadcasting entertainment programs on television.

In 2015, Ukraine adopted a law on de-communization. It provides for a ban on the use of Soviet symbols, the condemnation of the Communist regime of the Soviet Union and the opening of the country’s Soviet secret police archives. In the framework of the implementation of the law, the authorities have renamed a few cities, tens streets. Also dismantled monuments to Soviet leaders and figures. In 2017 Ukraine reported the destruction of all monuments to Lenin. In Cherkasy and Lugansk regions in their place appeared the sculptures Chipollino and Ukrainian Cossack.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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