Sagitova accused of “flawed stealing” music Medvedeva


www.vsyako.netAlina Sagitova and Eugene Medvedevthe: RIA Novosti

Social media users were dissatisfied with the choice of music for the demonstration room of the Olympic champion Alina Sagitova. Comments appeared in the Instagram account of the skater’s choreographer Daniel Gleichenhaus.

Gleichenhaus, said that in the next season Sagitova will ride under the track Billy Ailes Bad Guy. Before that Russian skater Yevgeny Medvedev gave an interview to YouTube channel, “Macarena”, which told that likes this song.

Users began to speak negatively about it. “How neat to steal revealing another person,” wrote one of them. “It’s just flawed, you all interviews Genis apparently look and taste familiar. It’s just disgusting — to take and put the number under a favorite song of WO! Around trying to spite her?” — responded the other.

Gleichenhaus, responded to the criticism. He stated that he did not see the interview Medvedeva, and the music was chosen before the holidays.

Sagitova — Olympic champion in 2018, the winner of world and European Championships. At the Games in Pyeongchang Medvedev conceded Sagitova and left of their total coach Eteri Tutberidze. Now she has partnered with canadian specialist Brian Orser and lives in Toronto.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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