The mother of the finalist of “the Voice. Children” explained the reference to the end of the show in advertising


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The mother of the finalist of “the Voice. Children” Yerzhan Maxim Gulmira Alibek did not know about the meaning hinting at a draft advertisement of the housing complex. She announced this in comments to radio station “Moscow speaking”.

According to her, is irrelevant to the project “the Voice.” “It was previously scheduled advertising, the scenario we got in one day, I did not even read, in this sense, we do not pay attention,” said Gulmira.

The video Yerzhan was published on 18 may. The boy appeared in ads for housing complex in the Kazakh construction companies.

In the story of Yerzhan’s mom come to the realtor to choose an apartment. Seeing in the yard of the girl, the singer starts singing and enchants all the residents of the house. Later, he returned to the mother and reports that fell into the girl and into the apartment complex. Yerzhan asked the realtor if you can buy an apartment on the first floor. “No, at first everything is sold, is the second” — says the girl. Yerzhan replies: “Ah, again”, alluding to the incident with the “cheat” votes in the final show of “the Voice. Children” on the First channel.

The first channel cancelled the results of the contest, after reviewing the report Group-IB company. During checking it was found that in favor of the winner, the daughter of the singer Alsou Abramova Mikelly — 38 was stranded thousands of votes cast through SMS and phone calls.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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