Zelensky dissuaded from flirting with Moscow


www.vsyako.net Photo: Valentin Ogirenko / Reuters

Elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky should not hold bilateral talks with Moscow, because they will not lead to results. This was stated by the former President of Georgia and former Odessa Governor Mikhail Saakashvili on air of TV channel “Our”.

According to him, Zelensky should not allow “any flirtation” with Russia, as the country “inability”.

He stressed that the Ukrainian leader must remain President at least 70 percent of the population of the country, for this he must appeal directly to the people. In particular, Zelensky should undertake those reforms that require the Ukrainians, but also “to change the system and destroy the structure of the shadow state.”

In March Saakashvili announced the return to Ukraine after the first round of presidential elections. It is expected that the incumbent will not pass to the second round. He later confirmed his intention, but said that she will not be eligible for public office.

In may 2015, Poroshenko appointed Saakashvili, Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration, a position the former President of Georgia took a year and a half. In the summer of 2017, Poroshenko has deprived Saakashvili, who at that time joined the opposition to the President, Ukrainian citizenship. In February 2018, the Ukrainian intelligence services detained Saakashvili, expelled it from the territory of Ukraine and banned him from entering the country until 2021.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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