A resident of Transnistria spoke about the arbitrariness in the local prisons


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Residents self-proclaimed Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic enter prison without grounds for arrest. This Deutsche Welle said a local resident Alexey Mocreac.

The man reported that the authorities of the unrecognized state was four times arrested him for “disrespect to the public order.” The latest arrest ended Mocreate 30-day sentence in prison.

According to him, in the chamber were 36 people, which the prison had identified six bowls and Cutlery. “Had to wait their turn to eat,” recalls Alex.

Also Mocreac spoke about bullying in the Transnistrian army. According to Alexei, the young recruits are treated like prisoners in the prison, they are humiliated, beaten and sometimes even tortured. Many of the inhabitants of the Republic are eager to get into the armed forces because “the service there is a guarantee of a decent wage and pension.”

Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) — unrecognized state in Eastern Moldova. PMR declared independence from the then Moldavian SSR in 1990, in the “parade of sovereignties” and the disintegration of the USSR, and after the armed conflict in 1992, completely separated from Moldova. UN member States have not recognized its independence.

In the armed conflict between Moldova and Transnistria Russia intervened, utilizing the forces of the 14th army, from the Soviet era stationed in Transnistria. After peacekeeping operations in July 1992, the parties signed a truce that froze the armed conflict. Since then, Russian troops are on the territory of the unrecognized Republic.

On the territory of Transnistria live 213 thousand citizens of Russia, about half of the population.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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