Fraudsters have learned to steal from the Russians new


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

Clients of Sberbank have begun to face a new type of fraud, writes “Kommersant”. They lose money when transactions are made via terminals in the offices.

According to the newspaper, the criminals exploit a vulnerability of the terminals of the savings Bank. They are suitable to devices and choose any transaction without inserting the card. The transaction remains incomplete, and the next in the queue, the client receives a range of terminal to enter the pin code. Then the automatic completion of the previous operation, due to the money the victim paid with his card.

The intent of the Scam will only work if the victim manages to enter a pin for one and a half minutes. Otherwise the operation is aborted by the terminal, and conscientious customer can safely make payments or transfers.

This scheme began to be used about six months ago, but the greatest distribution was received in the last days, after which she became interested in law enforcement. Together with the leadership of Sberbank they do not yet know the most effective methods of struggle with a new kind of fraud. Customers are advised to be careful when performing operations through the terminals and discard them in the event of the slightest suspicion.

Experts note that the problems are caused by settings of the terminals of the savings Bank. Devices from other credit organizations work on a different principle: they require first insert the card and enter the pin code and then allow the client to choose the operation.

In mid-may it became known about the unusual case of fraud that took place with the ATM credit Bank of Moscow in August of last year. Then the attacker stole 700 thousand rubles, making the device “tickets of Bank of tricks”.

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