It Zelensky upset the team Poroshenko


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The ruling party of Ukraine “Bloc Petro Poroshenko” (BPP) was dissatisfied with his inaugural speech of President Vladimir Zelensky. This is stated in the statement published on the official website of the party.

“The party is ready to defend the values and achievements that she championed for the last five years, in particular, the integration of Ukraine into the EU and NATO, which, unfortunately, did not remember the newly elected President Zelensky in his inaugural speech,” — said in a statement.

The party notes that the policy of the EU and NATO are “extremely important” for Ukraine.

In addition, the statement commented on the Zelensky decision to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada. The party recalls that the right of the President to dissolve the Parliament “is not unconditional” and similar procedures should be conducted in accordance with the Constitution of the country. “Democracy is a procedure, no procedure is authoritarianism,” the BPP.

The new President of Ukraine announced the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada on may 20 in his speech postintegration. He also urged to resign and the government. According to published earlier in mass-media the project of the presidential decree, the basis for this decision is the insufficient number of deputies in the ruling coalition.

Zelensky previously stated that Ukraine’s course towards Europe and NATO have chosen the citizens, and the President’s task is to provide conditions for people to get what he wanted. He also pointed out that the country will join the international community only after the society will indicate this on the referendum.

Petro Poroshenko signed amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, which enshrines the country’s course towards membership in NATO and the EU in February. Then the Ukrainian leader said that the attitude of these amendments is an important marker which allows to distinguish the Ukrainian from Russian.

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