“Kommersant” will remain without a Department policy because of an article about caring Matvienko


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The policy Department of the newspaper “Kommersant” almost entirely dismissed from the publication. About this Facebook said the Deputy editor-in-chief Gleb Cherkasov, who also filed a statement of resignation.

Only the application filed by 11 people. Their departure is associated with the dismissal of a special correspondent Ivan Safronov, who worked in “Kommersant” for 10 years, and the correspondent of Department of a policy Maxim Ivanov. Safronov explained that together with a colleague leaves the publishing house “against their will”, and by the decision of a shareholder who has submitted a claim to the article in which we spoke about the possible resignation of Valentina Matviyenko from the post of speaker of the Federation Council. Ivanov also confirmed in Facebook that the reason for the dismissal was the piece “Speakers make of these people” on Matvienko.

The General Director of “Kommersant” Vladimir Zhelonkin said the family-owned Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti” that in the framework of the writing of the material violation was discovered by journalists. “With journalists, we broke up because during the preparation of the notes have been violated editorial standards Kommersant”, he said. The Zhelonkin did not explain what was broken. The General Director also refused to comment on the intervention of shareholders.

Text “Speakers make of these people” about the possible dismissal of Matviyenko, was published on the front page of the newspaper from April 17. It said that in may, the speaker of the Federation Council will discuss with President Vladimir Putin his possible care.

Also the article stated that there is the option with the transition of Matvienko on a post of the head of the Pension Fund of Russia. The representative of the speaker of the Federation Council called the information about the resignation rumors.

Valentina Matvienko headed the upper house of Parliament in 2011. From 2003 to 2011, she was Governor of Saint-Petersburg.

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