Looking for Ekaterinburg kingpin Caro was released from prison


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Kingpin, Karoly Mammadov, known as Caro, was released from prison where he was serving eight years for extortion. About it URA.Ru according to sources in power structures.

With authority before leaving the colony in Nizhny Tagil held a long conversation the high-ranking employees of the interior Ministry and the Federal penitentiary service, which Caro was released from prison not on the morning of 17 may and the evening of the same day.

He was supposed to be released on may 25, but he was released early.

Thief in law is looking for Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil. He has a great reputation in the criminal world, in connection with what law enforcement expect a new serious redistribution in the underworld as “decent thief” many ready to swear. Karo refers to the old school thieves.

He was arrested in 2011 after accusations by a business partner, a Chechen, said Bohatyryova. In 2013, the court of Nizhny Tagil condemned Karo to eight years for extortion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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