Not knowing about the pregnancy a woman is scared beloved sudden childbirth


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A resident of the Scottish town of Falkirk, who did not know about her pregnancy, suddenly birth. It is reported by local newspaper the Daily Record.

20-year-old Stacey porter (Stacey Porter) felt cramps on Friday, may 10. At this time her beloved David Johnston (David Johnston) slept on the couch. By morning, the man woke up and saw on the screen of the phone which was in silent mode, 60 missed calls from the porter. A few seconds later she called again and said, “upstairs, I gave birth”.

“Everything was kind of hazy, I think I woke up screaming or crying,” recalls David. He went to the bathroom, where there was a porter, and called the ambulance. “The paramedic sent me to collect the bag. For reasons beyond me, for things I reached into the fridge — says the man. — I still can’t describe the emotions that were experienced”.

According to porter, the delivery was pretty quick and painless. Just a few minutes after the light appeared Sophia grace (of Sophia Grace Johnston), I ran to the aid of Johnston.

The new mother said that before the birth of the baby she’s on the pill and didn’t plan the baby. All this time, she allowed herself to drink alcohol and flying to vacation long distances, which is contraindicated in pregnancy.

Arrived on the scene, the paramedics admitted that for the first time faced with a similar case. In the result, the doctor examined the tartan and her daughter, and concluded that both are completely healthy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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